4 Sax

Über die erste CD “4 SAX” urteilte Georgina Dobrée in der Zeitschrift Clarinet & Saxophone: “As an ensemble the Quartet plays on the one hand with vitality and wit and then complement this with passages requiring gentle lyricism; combinig highly skilful blending of colours with exemplary balance. This was real chamber music, and I have no difficulty in saying that I found such polished and virtuosic playing truly a delight to listen to.”

<t”>Jean FrancaixPetit Quatuor

Track Listing
Claude Debussy Quatuor en sol mineur, I. Satz
Giaccomo Puccini Crisantemi
F. & M. Jean Jean Quatuor pour Saxophones
Astor Piazzolla Histoire du Tango
Leonard Bernstein Selections from “West Sie Story”

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